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Head Office and address for delivery of goods and correspondence: 

POLCOM Przemyslaw Kimla
ul. Baltycka 30

42-202 Czestochowa

VAT ID:  PL5731329645

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday  9.00am - 4.00pm (GMT+1)

Main Office:

tel. +48 34 365 88 85
fax +48 34 360 86 11


Warehouse (parts and tools):

tel. +48 34 310 39 15 ext. 6,


International Sales and Enquiries:

tel. +48 605 611 300




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Our basic machine tool for the machines manufactured is a CNC gantry milling machine with the  workspace 8000x2000x1500mm and weighing 50 tons. It is placed on a foundation of more than 100 tons…
The explanation of the differences in the performance of stepper motors and servo motors in a very brief summary: The whole secret lies in the overload capacity. A stepper motor has a torque dependent…
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RTE Interpolator KIMLA machines have been equipped with regulators which set the position, speed, torque and the spurt concurrently which is possible thanks to very fast data transmission between the…

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