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Stiff, fast and durable 5-axis milling machine for multi-purpose application for wood, plastic and aluminum. It is equipped with a spindle with an automatic tool changing (ATC) system and a tool stora
The smallest free-standing machine in a group of milling routers. Due to the small size and high stiffness it can serve as a computerized engraving machine. As a simple and efficient machine it can be
See, how we produce the fastest fiber lasers in the World

New Products
 CNC 5-axis milling machine with ranges of X-2500mm, Y-6000mm, Z-1200mm, weight of 12000kg. For large-size models, it will treat  details with high vertical walls which cannot be processed on 3-axis machines. The possibility of performing the range of working motions: x1000-5000mm, y1500-24000mm  z700-2000mm. 5D milling machines are used in the performance of models for thermoforming, laminating, casting. They can process  wood, resin, aluminum and composite materials. They are also used for cutting off protruding tops after laminating and thermoforming.  Application of scanning touch probe allows for the direct introduction of the shape of a cut moulding, and the use of a dosing head allows the application of adhesives, pastes and liquid gaskets. With its unique control system with dynamic analysis of vectors is to perform foamed polystyrene disposable foundry models. The control system is based on advanced technology with real-time Ethernet, which allows multiple reducing dynamic position errors during high speed machining. In 5D machines, tilt/swivel heads with spindles of capacities from 2.4 to 25kW can be used, which provides a very wide range of applications. Five-axis machines are found in many versions. The table on the next page contains full details of the size of the workspace, types of spindles and accessories.  
Laser Cutting - Our new Flashcut linear laser with linear drives, enables quick and efficient cutting of any shape out of sheet metal. Note, now available for sale is the fiber laser with linear drives with the power 8 kW!  We welcome customers to our facility to show the extreme cutting power of 8kW.  Laser cutting has never been so fast and efficient.  Buy the fastest Fiber Laser and stay ahead of the competition!  Our company as the world's first to integrate a printing system to mark the details before they are cut. You no longer need to manually mark the details after they have been cut. Before cutting a special print head will print descriptions on the details which will be cut out of the sheet metal. All the details after they are cut will now be easily identified:   Sample Video   There is now an option for a scanning head. The laser scanner can scan the existing details which frees us from the time-consuming redrawing existing physical parts.   For customers with German lasers our company introduced the option to import files * .GEO which enables companies to convert to our efficient lasers. These companies will no longer have to convert thousands of files GEO which they have accumulated over the years.   Our lasers are extremely high speed up to 5 m/s and pull 6 g acceleration. This power combined with a high resolution measurement systems we achieve extraordinary efficiency and cutting accuracy. Our Linear Flashcut Fiber Laser achieved unprecedented momentum in the world, thanks to the ultra-modern absolute position measuring system with a resolution of 0.000001 mm Renishaw controller position, velocity and acceleration.   Frequently, half the power of the fiber laser, in relation to a CO2 laser is sufficient to achieve the same cutting speed, and in case of very thin metal sheets the fiber laser enables cutting at speeds much higher than the CO2 laser with similar power. With the development of optoelectronics and semiconductors, laser diodes achieve ever greater efficiency.   Processing energy from the light of laser diodes into the output beam takes place in the fiber whose processing efficiency can be up to 80%. This solution saves a lot of energy, and better energy absorption of fiber laser enables faster cutting. The advantage of the lasers over CO2 lasers is visible particularly with thin metal sheets up to 6mm. The thinner the sheet, the greater the advantage of a fiber laser over a CO2 laser. Fiber lasers are also a great complement to machines for waterjet cutting. Waterjet machines have a very wide operating range extending up to 200mm thickness of metal. But the speed of Waterjet machines is much lower than the speed of lasers. The optimal solution for metal cutting is: the fiber laser for thin metal sheets and Waterjet for thick plates. Fiber laser technology is relatively new; devices of this type have been produced for only a few years. Companies which are familiar to most of the customers cannot pride themselves on many years of experience in this field, because they began the activity at a similar time. At this time, smaller companies can significantly outperform larger companies that have long-term procedures for adopting new technologies and adapting the software to the needs of a specific user.    KIMLA Fiber lasers have the option of changing the size of the focused beam spot, which allows optimal adjustment of the optical parameters of the laser to the type and thickness of a metal sheet. In the case of a CO2 laser we do not have any influence on the diameter of the beam that we are going to focus in the head. The transmission in the fiber laser is done with a fiber and after leaving the fiber the beam must be collimated. Collimation means processing a divergent beam into a parallel beam. This process is carried out by means of a collimator lens. By adjusting the focal length of the collimator lens we have influence on the diameter of the beam.  The size of the beam after focusing depends largely of its diameter. This value affects the speed and ability to cut materials of varying thickness. The thinner the material, the smaller the diameter of focused beam should be used. This enables the optimal use of available power. For cutting thicker materials the diameter of focused beam should be increased. With a too small diameter of the focused beam, the slot is so small that the shielding gas cannot blow out the melted material.   KIMLA lasers are manufactured in many different configurations and workspaces. This diversity regards both the degree of automation of the machine as well as the laser power and its configuration. The KIMLA Company manufactures both lasers with a single worktable, whose significant factor is high efficiency at a low price, as well as production lasers with automatic pallet exchange with a high degree of automation, suction system and systems for nesting and preparing for production. Production lasers are machines with higher efficiency, higher maximum speed and higher accelerations. KIMLA fiber lasers thanks to the unique possibility of very fast cutting of thin metal sheets are suitable for cutting, as an alternative to CO2 lasers and even for turret punch presses which were previously considered to be the cheapest technology for cutting repeatable metal sheet components. Thanks to revolutionary solutions used in fiber lasers, cutting thin metal sheets with a fiber laser has become cheaper than cutting on turret presses  

WATERJET Manufacturer, fast, efficient, stable, powerful

Our company, as the only one in this area in Poland, designs and produces fast and efficient waterjet machines which are stable and easy to use. We have achieved this leadership position through our creative projects, effective actions and impressive dynamic development. This position has been also influenced by our friendly and respectful attitude towards our customers, whose satisfaction and contentment is our main driver for development.  We have gained our vast experience by performing advanced projects for 22 years. In the beginning we focused on the production of electronics and control systems for CNC machines. However, it quickly became clear that the creativity and potential of our employees allowed the realization of much more complicated projects, so soon we started the production of machines with a much greater technical advancement, exceptional performance and speed. At the moment KIMLA machines offer all these available technological possibilities. Our machines are the result of our long experience and innovative designs.   

Today, as the recognized leader in the industry, having installed in our customers’ premises over 2500 machines; we are constantly developing and seeking new solutions. KIMLA machines achieve the highest performance on the market at prices considerably lower than those offered by reputable companies from around the world. Produced by us, our machines are continually increasing their parameters. This is possible thanks to the expansion of plants with several new production facilities and the benefits of information and technology

At the moment Kimla machines are offering all the available technological possibilities. Our machines are the result of our long experience and innovative designs. Today, being considered a leader in the industry, having installed more than 1000 machines at our customers' companies, we are constantly developing and seeking new solutions. KIMLA machines achieve industry-leading performance at prices which are significantly lower than those offered by reputable companies from all over the world. We are improving our machines by ceaseless increasing their parameters. This is possible thanks to the expansion of our plants with several new production facilities and information and technology infrastructure.