Laser Cutting - Our new Flashcut linear Compact laser with linear drives, enables quick and efficient cutting of any shape out of sheet metal. Perfect for the smaller shop size capacities
 Large CNC machining center BPFT is a high performance device that has been designed as a platform to rolling by cutting at least 3 axes. Thanks to the additional controlled axes, machining cente
The machine presented has workspace dimensions 2000 x 4000mm and is designed mainly for furniture companies and carpenter's shops. The large workspace will allow to work with commercial format plates&
Machining center equipped with additional spindle fixed to a horizontal cutter of large width used for large surfaces. Obtained by an additional head need not only be flat. Actively controlling th
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New Products
 Innovative automated loading and unloading Kimla Store System. The device Store System has been created to maximize productivity of laser cutters. Storesystem design consists of a rack, which stores the sheet metal, the system retrieving the sheet from the magazine and transports it to the table and system that collects the cut parts and puts them on the shelves on a rack. The compact design allows for Kimla Storesystem extension for additional store shelves. Storesystem in combination with the Kimla laser works automatically, eliminating the need for human labor in loading and unloading sheets of cut parts. During operation of the laser operator can quickly and conveniently control the system and optimize the flow of material, which eliminates downtime machine and achieves even greater profits.
 With the rapid development of laser cutting company Kimla presents the latest generation of automatic loading and unloading connected to the first system in the world trójpaletowym, which provides the ability to use high-speed fiber-optic lasers without unnecessary loss of time for the transhipment cut materials.   Until now, systems that were offered in the world when it comes to automation systems were dwupaletowe. One pallet was inside the laser while the other held the unloading and loading of cut pieces of the new sheet metal. This loading can be done manually or automatically. Manual loading and unloading of materials takes quite a long time for cutting the sheet inside the laser fiber especially particularly of our company, which is extremely fast. There have been occasions when the machine made a cut sheet faster than the operator was able to remove the cut parts and load a new sheet. Then the time machine work was wasted because the machine is waiting for the operator, because it was faster than what the operator could do.   Automated slot Kimla LaserCEL can be configured in dozens of ways. Laser cutting fiber Kimla, which is the heart of the system Kimla LaserCEL have a laser source can power up to 8kW. Additionally, you can expand its capabilities through automatic print head, which allows to describe the sheets before they are cut, making identification sheets automatically distributed by the integrated nesting is no problem. An additional scanning head is an indispensable equipment machines for more demanding projects. Probe placed on the gate of the laser automatically scans ready by detail and replicate it greatly shorten the time of preparation of the project. This scanner is simply irreplaceable when duplicating projects with very complex shapes.   Note, now available for sale are fiber lasers with linear drives with a capacity of 8kW. Welcome customers to cut shows the power of 8kW. Laser cutting has never been so powerful and so fast earning. Buy the fastest fiber laser and stay ahead of the competition!     The company Kimla the world's first integrated printing system for labeling to be cut. You no longer need to manually describe the details after the cut. Before cutting special printhead will carry the names of parts on sheet metal. All the details after the cut will already be easily identified: see the film - print descriptions for laser fiber » There is also an option anymore head scanning the laser scanning of existing elements which frees us from time-consuming redrawing existing physical parts and shorten the development time of the project.   Opinion about innovation systems Kimla: pdf   For customers with lasers German company introduced the option to import files * .geo facilitating the transition to efficient lasers of Kimla. You no longer have to convert thousands of files GEO accumulated over many years.    

WATERJET Manufacturer, fast, efficient, stable, powerful

Our company, as the only one in this area in Poland, designs and produces fast and efficient waterjet machines which are stable and easy to use. We have achieved this leadership position through our creative projects, effective actions and impressive dynamic development. This position has been also influenced by our friendly and respectful attitude towards our customers, whose satisfaction and contentment is our main driver for development.  We have gained our vast experience by performing advanced projects for 22 years. In the beginning we focused on the production of electronics and control systems for CNC machines. However, it quickly became clear that the creativity and potential of our employees allowed the realization of much more complicated projects, so soon we started the production of machines with a much greater technical advancement, exceptional performance and speed. At the moment KIMLA machines offer all these available technological possibilities. Our machines are the result of our long experience and innovative designs.   

Today, as the recognized leader in the industry, having installed in our customers’ premises over 2500 machines; we are constantly developing and seeking new solutions. KIMLA machines achieve the highest performance on the market at prices considerably lower than those offered by reputable companies from around the world. Produced by us, our machines are continually increasing their parameters. This is possible thanks to the expansion of plants with several new production facilities and the benefits of information and technology

At the moment Kimla machines are offering all the available technological possibilities. Our machines are the result of our long experience and innovative designs. Today, being considered a leader in the industry, having installed more than 1000 machines at our customers' companies, we are constantly developing and seeking new solutions. KIMLA machines achieve industry-leading performance at prices which are significantly lower than those offered by reputable companies from all over the world. We are improving our machines by ceaseless increasing their parameters. This is possible thanks to the expansion of our plants with several new production facilities and information and technology infrastructure.